Let Us Reason Poem by Phinda Mkhonta

Let Us Reason

Come, come let us reason before the silver cup is broken
Lets us reason before the golden bowl is crushed,
Before you became freeze to exist than to live
Like a broken jar in a well when your dreams are wasted
As a stone cover rolling in a well, please be pruned and let us
Reason together.

Come, come let us reason together,
It crack pain in my poetic eyes to see human beings
Trying to change the unchangeable, some minds being
Microscopic to face the African reality: continuing as the beginning
The done will be done, nothing new-fangled in this African land breading,
Our languages vocabulary is not enough to describe clearly the African science,
And explain what rise on our paths, and what image through our eyes,
We Africans, will still rise to speak from crack of dawn to dusk,
When words are said every often in our ears as Mantenga falls pouring
Into Mantenga, river and you never eat enough of what you hear.
All rivers flow repeatedly to the sea that is never jam-packed,
The wind endlessly blow to the south and to the north,
The Africa shall live forever but Africans shall live and die
Come, come let us reason together.

Come, come let us reason together before things so meaningless,
Lets reason before the clock-click the hour, when the sun, moon
And stars became dark in our eyes,
When we will park our self over mountains rocks seeing one storm after another,
Lets us reason before you loose your golden desire that raise your ego to live,
Before you even grab yourself along as a grasshopper in dry pastures
In a hot winter sunny day, before you became afraid of elevated positions,
Before you became damp in hearing, when you will sit under the shelter and not gather
Your senses to hear the sounds of nature;
Leaves falling from the dry trees,
The melodies of birds in the wilderness and you will make life sour.
Come, come let us reason together

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