Africa Rise! Poem by Phinda Mkhonta

Africa Rise!

Rating: 5.0

Africa your kindness and loyalty should cover us,
Our enemies are alive and healthy,
We are bent and bowed down through the will of our sadness,
They have made us walk bowed in sadness,
Most of our lives we have wear black clothes as a sign of sadness,

Africa they should fall in their own traps,
Let them grumble in their own nets like fishes,
Let them bury themselves in their own pits,
Let them be embarrassed to speak their known lies,
But rise Africa.

As you do this, do not think you are doing us favour,
For you betrayed our ancestors,
You gave us away like sheep in the market place,
You took away all our talented blood to work in your fields,
You let our enemies push us back while you were watching,
You let them laugh at us but I will not say a thing,
You have allowed them barn our music, languages and attires,
But rise Africa.

My soul waits patiently to see you great again.
Who suppressed your growth shall grown in pain!
May their evil movement be like that of a snail, which melts as it moves,
May your enemies disappear as water as grass burned in water,
May they be destroyed quickly as grass burning in winter,
Until then, Africa will rise.

Bob Blackwell 23 September 2007

There is lots of passion in your poem, and what you right is true and it is time Africa became proud. I'm afraid we have to do things for ourselves, we set the direction and have the will to follow through. I love your country but also cry for it, as life is so unfair to most. Excellent poem. Once again keep writing put your anger to good use. Bob

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 15 September 2007

inspirational, i love the passion in this. nice job!

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