I Am In Love Poem by Phinda Mkhonta

I Am In Love

Rating: 5.0

Literally, louder and lively,
I would like to pour into your ears,
I am in love and fully confident with you
I need you more than the air I breathe.

It has been a decade since I pruned you,
Oh! You are a flower my African humane,
You are not likened for you are pure,
Your love I cannot resist nor doubt,
For your love is a non-wet blanket to wear.
Your shinny dazzling hair puts me down,
My metabolism move reverse gear for your face,
For your beauty is like a rising sun from dawn,
When I cast eyes on you, I feel passion,
For this passion, my blood and flesh react brutally,
My blood is floating flowing with milk and honey,
You are my honey, I am your milk to make you honey,
I have been held back by personal momentous resolution,
And breaking one will not fade the future.

I was also conceived in the womb of fear about this passion
Still rivers run deep in my mind about your affection,
Flowing like sweet wine in the valleys of my mind
Down to the factory of my heart for your attraction,
Where it manufactured the sweetest wine of all ages.

Here we passionately stand in this calm and dead silent place,
Hear my words and in thy heart let them find space,
At this moment, allow me to taste my cake before my birthday,
Let us not measure but treasure this moment,
Let us not make it commented but commemorated.

Sarwar Chowdhury 05 September 2008

a 10 for this lovely composition...............

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Raymond John 08 January 2008

your poem is very strong and i am feeling your message. read my poems.

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Ana Monnar 15 September 2007

Wow! I loved it! You are indeed in-love.

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