Phinda Mkhonta Poems

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I Am In Love

Literally, louder and lively,
I would like to pour into your ears,
I am in love and fully confident with you
I need you more than the air I breathe.

A Season

In the wheeling swelling air, still I feel the wind
Waves blowing like a gasping messenger,
It is a windy rainy season, where every story is spread,
Where every fire is spread by the wind,

Africa Rise!

Africa your kindness and loyalty should cover us,
Our enemies are alive and healthy,
We are bent and bowed down through the will of our sadness,
They have made us walk bowed in sadness,


The zeal without education is fire without light
But zeal with education is fire with flames of light
I have seen the holy well with it watercress plants
Where one drinks and never goes taste again,


I am an African technological psychological opium
To the unique Africans dreams,
In heartless days, no chemical situation had purified me from poetry,
Some people fail to understand me like mathematics,

Ancestors Speak!

Ancestors speak! when informers thrive,
When people flourish and lie creatively
To kill by whisper and blasphemy to live.

Justice Unjust

Africa why so much crying?
Africa why so many people dying?
Justice in Africa has prevailed over traitors
While gloomed and doomed with conspirators,

Behind Bars

I have longed in my heart,
Looking silently through the barred window
To the scrap of blue sky and mountains chain,
My hope of youth and rainbow day-dreams are locked,


Come lord, with all quickening fire in me,
In me delight to rest the principle divine,
Your temple of my soul is gherkin prepare,
Still this restless mind, heart and soul of mine,

Since You Left

This year has been hard and filled with sorrow,
I faced times when there was no hope for tomorrow,
Debated my purpose and reason for living,
Wore myself senseless, but still kept on giving.

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