Life Poems: 40 / 500


Rating: 4.9

Life is not a bed of roses,
Life is not enchanting,
Life is unpredictable,
Life is a journey to be made to gain maturity.
Life could be disappointing,
Life could be devastating.
Life could also be saddening.
Life could be a sunshine,
Life could be a dilemma.
Life could be a heart ache
Life could be a rainbow.
But above all;
Life is a mystery and free for all to explore.

Bethany M. 03 August 2008

very nice again. I love your look on life and how you show it in your poem! 10/10

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Greenwolfe 1962 03 August 2008

I really like the design and approach of this poem. The repetition is always good. I also liked the ending. So many of these have bad endings. I thought this one was very good. Congratulations! GW62

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Anna jonson 03 August 2008

woow it was really a cool poem you described life very beautifully

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Tia Metcher 02 August 2008

'Hi! ', Life was expressed so well in your poem. you did a great job. WELL DONE! Cheers :)

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Chitra - 02 August 2008

well said life and its mysterious way in it each one has a role to play.

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Life is a great experience also I think. A good poem.

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New Poet 05 August 2009

the opposite of my poem and i love how it remains open to both possibilities of fun and sadness but that it is always a mystery and up to us to chose where to explore and what to make it

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rohit sapra 09 August 2008

Life is a road less traveled since more we explore it the lesser it is. Nice poem.

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Tia Metcher 08 August 2008

'Hi! ', It is a very beautiful poem on life. Very picturesque. WELL DONE Cheers :)

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James B. Earley 07 August 2008

Life is indeed a journey.....chockfull of the brilliant images you passionately paint!

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