Who Are You?

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Are you a star?
Are you a model?
Are you a living being?
Who do poeple say you are?

Are you an athlete?
Are you smart?
Are you rich?
Are you poor?
Who are you?
Do you worry about your appearence?
Do you worry about your size?
Do you worry about clothes?
Who are you?
Do you think yourself shy?
Do you think yourself any how?
Do not forget that it is what you think that matters the best.

Bethany M. 03 August 2008

i love it! i think about this in other people a lot! the questions you ask are ever present questions in everyones life about everyone.

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(: God's Wild Child :) 03 August 2008

i really like this one! good job, its filled with alot of questions i ask myself daily. keep it up! =)

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Greenwolfe 1962 03 August 2008

This is another philosophy quiz. I love these things. Though I wouldn't overdo them here. Readers don't normally like to be quizzed about everything. That forces them to use their mind. One of the reasons people read is to put their mind to rest. This stuff, just wakes them up. GW62

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Anna jonson 03 August 2008

i like your style... very beautiful

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New Poet 05 August 2009

keep up writing new ones these are GREAT

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 11 August 2008

you're what you're no matter what and how they looked at you.the heart speaks the volume.nice piece nanier.

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Little Hatila ;) 07 August 2008

what a wonderful meaning...

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Seema Chowdhury 06 August 2008

very nice, thought provoking poem. read some of my poems, you might get the answers. take care and enjoy your poetic life.

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Kris Smith 04 August 2008

The one thing we are is individuals and must never forgotten Paris 10

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