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Life is not a bed of roses,
Life is not enchanting,
Life is unpredictable,
Life is a journey to be made to gain maturity.

Who Are You?

Are you a star?
Are you a model?
Are you a living being?
Who do poeple say you are?

The Sun Will Shine

The sun will shine.
even though rain clouds gather,
even though snow drops,
even though flowers fade away,

Here I Come

Here i come;
more courageous than ever,
more determined than ever,
more mature than ever.


If you stop fighting, you are weak.
If you stop fighting, you are giving up.
If you stop fighting, then you are not a fighter.

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i am in a family of 5. iam 16 and will like to be published and be famous someday. i write novels that i never complete because i lack experience. so any idea would be welcomed

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