Life After Death Poem by Colette Dright

Life After Death

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It is normal for people to say, 'Sorry for your loss.'
Was it a loss? Or was it a gain?
Should we now say, 'Grateful for your gain? '

If, because of this person's life, you gained joy, love, strength, laughter, wisdom, peace… then one would be grateful right?

If all they have taught you and all you have learned will live on in you, then they too shall live on through you.

It is a loss if you fail to let that person's smile, laughter, wisdom, love and light shine through you. Their physical earth suit (the body) is no longer here, but if we allow to let their spiritual realm live in us, then they still live.

If this was a person about love, then let all you do, be done in love.
If they were about peace, then begin to become more peaceful and more of a peacemaker.
If they were filled with laughter, then find reasons to smile and laugh more.

If through the love of this person's presence in your life presented a profound sense of strength, growth, nourishment and encouragement that brought an opportunity for you to learn and grow in many areas, be blessed and be grateful.

Find ways to incorporate their life through your life and by doing so, you are showing others that it is possible to have life after death.

We are all children of God. We belong to God.
God allows this earth to borrow us for however long He so see fit. And please understand, when someone lets you borrow something, that means, it is NOT yours to keep.

When someone lets you borrow something, when it is returned, you usually say, 'Thank you.' But seldom, if at all, do we go to God and say, 'Thank You.'

When a loved one has transitioned and returned to God, a normal reaction is for people to feel the need to want to keep what never belonged to them in the first place.

We must understand, God does not have to give a two week notice and God does not have to ask approval to come get what is already His.

I have learned that missing someone keeps you in a sad state. You are sad, often feeling down, depressed, crying, whereas, REMEMBERING that person brings you to a more happier, chipper, funny place. Remember that time that dog was chasing Johnny. He almost broke his neck running (smile) .

Let us try to remember more so than miss.
Even Jesus said, 'Do this in REMEMBRANCE of Me.'

I have also heard people say their loved one 'Didn't make it, ' or the doctor come and say, 'They didn't make it.'
I beg to differ.

They Made It - They made it into the Kingdom, you just better make sure YOU make it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Having God's peace with this understanding of death being revealed to me gave me a clearer more comforting perspective of death. I decided to share my revelation through this message. Some may disagree and see things different and that's ok. Your healing may not be my healing, everyone grieves different. Be Blessed and REMEMBER your loved one.
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