Life- Controlled Or Uncontrolled Poem by Bill Darrah

Life- Controlled Or Uncontrolled

Life—what an overwhelming odyssey of the mind, heart, and soul it
Constantly is. As curiously creative people, we always evaluate our
Life in a different viewpoint heavily depending upon so many valuable
Factors like our health, age, intelligence, mood, the way family and
Friends impact the love of our lives, and most importantly our own
Interpretation of our individual life and how we live it. With this in mind, are people really in control of their lives or are they just so unsure of what their lives will be like they can only be in control of what they want their lives to hopefully become since they are only in control of their thoughts about life rather than controlling their life from the creator's viewpoint.
Furthermore, when people's lives were created, did the creator decide to subconsciously control their lives from birth to death out of the incredible courtesy for allowing their lives to be created at all or did the creator decide to let their lives be so uncontrollable and unpredictable people could at least feel like they were always in control of something like life they were freely given but never really knew how to explain otherwise? If people could only feel like they are in control of their own death, they wouldn't feel so bad when their life doesn't go the way they want it to, but who would really want to be in control of their own death? That would be way too depressing for most people because life is so much more valuable to people than death is unless people believe the afterlife is controlled by God anyway so why fear anything about life or death
Because people already know where their salvation and eternity is
No matter what obnoxious, out of control thing happens in life!
Thus, eternity and salvation of people's souls is the only real thing anyone could ever have a chance of controlling for their life's ambition and worth. At least that's what the Bible teaches people for those who believe in it. Everything else about people's lives is relatively meaningless compared to the eternal promise of heaven where the person's creator most likely lives.

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: christianity,coping,creation,god,life and death
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