If Men Loved Women Like God Loves Men Poem by Bill Darrah

If Men Loved Women Like God Loves Men

Wouldn't it be great to find a woman I could love as wholeheartedly
Free from sin as God loves me?
How can I possibly fathom such a pure love like God's when my
Thoughts are more consumed with what a woman looks like
Instead of how her heart and soul pleases me?
What would a woman's love free from sin truly feel like anyway?
Way too amazing for words.
I already know how it feels for a woman to love me romantically.
Otherwise I would not have the desire for writing these heartfelt
Incantations I have never felt before to this degree of passion.
If God created woman for man's emotional well-being, then who did
God intend to enhance woman's well-being but herself to pass on
To man? If men loved women like God loves men would the need to
Love God as a separate entity greatly diminish because God's
Pure love is so deeply embedded inside the man and woman that
God would still be loved just as much?
Would the institution of marriage even need to be practiced anymore
Not only because men's and women's love is virtually sinless and
Forgiving, but also because God never asked us to marry Him
Before we could truly love God the way God wants us to love Him?
God only wants us to repent from our sins to love God much
Stronger than our sins allow us to love God.
In the same way, all I should do to love a woman for life is to repent
From the sins our love is being deeply traumatized by.

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