Self-Inducing Provocative Thoughtfulness Poem by Bill Darrah

Self-Inducing Provocative Thoughtfulness

(When you read this poem I highly recommend you read the 1st and last paragraphs only because it is my belief you the reader will either have a much stronger appreciation for this poem's message as well as for the middle paragraph or you will have as much of an appreciation for this poem the way it is written with the middle paragraph not adding or taking away from the meaningful message written. Additionally, you will notice a striking resemblance of word choice in the 1st and last paragraphs not included in the middle paragraph-this is because I used the same 35 nouns provided to me and arranged them in differing syntax, thus added more words needed to make complete thoughts of poetry.)

Sometimes love is something actions do
To create confusing relationships we choose to
Let people show when the intimacy in practicing
Romance and affection ends
Most time I feel helps make healthy communication
My respect, patience, caring gifts, and flowers need
With expressed honesty about love's special ways
Letters can share more on how she is sure
My humoring ones give out that makes
A bit different and certain impression by what
Physically comes to me here her listening wants
To send to be me and make up us.

I find that my thoughts and realities of love
Become much more intensified and focused
When I subject myself to the isolation whereby
My concentration is not focused on what material
Objects of affection I can give away which tend to
Greatly distract, blur, and dull my intensity of
What focus I can direct myself to thinking, but
Rather to the well thought out rationalization and
Practicality of that which I give away versus
That which I add significance in giving to
Someone as my isolated thoughts of focused love
Could ever attempt to supply.
These thoughts are so powerful that they extend
Beyond me and my limited amount of thoughts expressed
As thoughts unexpressed and repressed
Are still waiting for me to be exposed to its
Vast depth of significance to be widely shared with others
Who will be willing to accept and fully embrace the depth
As passionately as if it had come from their own
Unexpressed thoughts of love so true
As the meaning of me and you.
Gifts as much as thoughts aren't always received,
Treasured, and savored upon acceptance of as
Intensely passionate as originally manufactured and
Manifested to be given as such-that is until
They are properly understood
For their good intentions.

She loves healthy, caring affection and respect in relationships.
My flowers need to express the honesty about intimacy
By not confusing love with physically practicing romance
That creates a certain show people give out most time
Which is something that takes special listening communication
Ways I feel sure her patience sometimes is when we share it
Here, which can be a bit different an end gifts send
On how we choose what comes to us.
Some do the confusing actions to not let respect and love in
When letters humor thee more my wanted ones count up
As it helps to know you are me and love is us............

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