...Life's Looking Glass Poem by Ken e Hall

...Life's Looking Glass

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Rows of chimney pots do their still smoking dance
Then thru our windows early morning glance,
By chance ‘Is it raining? '
Sometimes a sunny day is gaining,
Thru life's looking glass
In the poorest lane
The garbage cans stand still,
No reflection from the old wooden fence in vain,
A black cat rattles a rusty tin can
The cobbled road portrays its oldness.
It's a holiday today so run up'n'over the holiday hill
The vacation window glints
Sunshine sparkles on wavy sea stints,
Tiny fingers slide and squeak
Thru the window little faces doth peak
Sand castles beckon without fail
Children's footprints for ever tread this barefoot trail.
Another day another glance thru the looking glass,
Another lesson learning in life's learning class
Now who on earth would learn any faster
To be certain I'm sure, Alice would be the master.

Sally Plumb Plumb 07 November 2012

Nice picture you paint about the kids.... memories.(By the way, thanks for your critiques.)

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Unwritten Soul 05 November 2012

Smell of the old good days and sephia color played in my eyes when i read all lines you done here...so nice and good to see the future by looking through the glass.._Soul

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Valsa George 04 November 2012

Lovely! Life in all variety and splendor seen through the looking glass! Each day gives us a new lesson and we keep on getting educated with every passing day! Thankyou for the comment and thanks for this beautiful share!

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Ken e Hall

Ken e Hall

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