*i Know What You’ve Been Doing’ Poem by Ken e Hall

*i Know What You’ve Been Doing’

Rating: 2.7

Nanna’s charge little Shirley all but four
Grabbed the chocolate and closed the door,
On her face round her mouth, sticky dress
Melted chocolate what a mess!

Grandma came in to such a shock
Wishing she’d kept it under lock.
“Never never eat so much of this treat,
Your stomach will balloon till you float down the street, ”

Cleaned and tidy they both went off to catch the bus,
Alighting Shirley said, ‘Sit here just the two of us”
A heavily pregnant lady passed as though something was brewing.
Tiny Shirley stood up shouting ‘ I know what You’ve been doing’

NB. Eating lots of chocks?

Besa Dede 23 March 2012

Aww, this poem is such a good read, reminded me of childhood memories. Thank you Ken for sharing. Read some of my poetry whenever you find the time. Besa

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Terence George Craddock 19 September 2011

lol I was going to write a version of this poem Thanks Ken now I do not have to: -)

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Hans Vr 07 September 2011

Cute and funny. Gives me a good smile. Very good...

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Allemagne Roßmann 06 September 2011

Hilarious write.A childs mind is always sublime and like the pure oil to burn the lamp of see and believe art.Every one of us was perhaps the same like Shirley.Then when we grew up world changed as Shirley, Shenaz, Sheena, Sabrina etc etc.......Wish i am ever back through your words back to Shirley and ask her mind in myself. Well done and wonderful imagination and more so observation.

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Ken e Hall

Ken e Hall

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