Natures Call Save The Forest Of The Night Poem by Ken e Hall

Natures Call Save The Forest Of The Night

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Dimmed to infiltrate the forest of the night
The single lamp post of the moon,
Shines her recycled yesterday's sunshine,
The leaves move in harmony rustling the tune
With the floor moving with life with extreme evening sight,
The staccato's beat sets the rhythm
Nothing escapes the damp drapes of the silent breeze,
All creatures are hungry it's time to forage,
Nature's rule every living thing knows eat or be eaten.
The snake consumes the stolen egg,
Bird eats the worm
Spider mummifies the fly,
The leopard dines on the weak.
The trees feel immune until
Elephant hunger‘s early morning grasp strips the tree
The flesh eating cat slumbers
Dreaming of his lions share,
The bird with a broken wing wears a coat of ants,
Life goes on as dawn approaches as
The dung beetle is happy for his larvae's lunch,
Then time takes the evening away with the
Praying mantis who did not enjoy her sex,
So consumes her lover,
In the forest of the night.
As the early morning bird doth sing
Mankind consumes everything,

Coaxing Mother nature's wrath to sting!

Jake Shelvey 13 February 2010

Wow...It flows like honey across the page, painting a beautiful scenario in my head...Really well done

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Mohamad Poya 15 February 2010

for all home counter top with my turtle out the world to go to......... ....

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Mohamad Poya 15 February 2010

hello poetry you extermely sensitive to the tragy of human life looks dark i hardly your poetry traslated with google fallen in love with you....... ...........

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Sheldon Saluta 13 April 2010

you know what, i like it it seems a remnant of essence of the jungles! the sounds produce by the lines... the pictures create by the lines.. i like it!

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Kesav Easwaran 02 May 2010

Night Nature and Life...a matured write on how life consumes and get consumed...10

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Beach Girl 18 September 2013

Beautiful words, love this poem. Gave it an excellent

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Danny Draper 28 February 2012

Ken, this is good poem, descriptive with readily accessible imagery. Thanks for sharing.

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'Mankind consumes everything, Coaxing Mother nature's wrath to sting! ' An inspired poem Ken themed in realities, of the laws of nature with contrasts, of observational brilliant insight sustained, line by line building to the ultimate climatic revelation; destructive humanity baits all creation, not according to kill or be killed but by ultimate control or destroy insanity, pending nature's sting back survival ploy. Beautiful :) Terence

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 20 November 2010

Agony n’ Ecstasy of flora n’ fauna [mainly] well penned n’ poemed … Poet has unshackled the psyche n’ mindset by delving deep into them [as if]… 1st few lines the backdropp was poetically engineered befitting for this poetry n’ climaxed when the end came U Turn. ‘Coaxing Mother nature's wrath to sting! ’ Indeed a joy ride [read biblio safari] n’ read of this magnificent poem…great…wow! … thanks for sharing Hon’ble Poet Ken Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Sreekala Sukumaran 09 May 2010

Hi..Liked it so much very well written and we get the exact feel about the jungle. Really amazing...

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Ken e Hall

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