Life's Too Short To Live Too Fast Poem by Katherine Perry

Life's Too Short To Live Too Fast

There was once an old man
He was walking around the shopping
I walked past and he held out his
And the day was cold, in the dead
of winter

I smiled, then shook his hand and
said 'How are you today'
He smiled back and said'It's cold
and wet, but i'm okay'

His hair was long and his clothes
were worn
But he didn't seem to care that
his shoes were torn

I knew he was homeless
When i saw his red wagon
Then he told me he made his own
list of things he wanted
But there was nothin he was lackin

He had a few books
And some papers and things
Rough with leather skin is how he
But i noticed he had a nice voice
when he started to sing

I asked if he needed help
And he said 'no thankyou mam'
And when i tried to place money in
his hand, i felt
The dry sun-beaten skin that was
rugged and tan

He said'no thankyou again'
Then whispered softly
But i would like to be friends
And maybe have a cup of coffee

I smiled and said 'i think that
would be nice'
Then we drank a cup of coffee
As he began to tell me about his

I then realized, he just wanted
someone to listen
To the stories of his long and
forgotten past
And in that day, i received an ear
full of wisdom
Then i turned and walked away, and
he shouted, remember'life's too short
to live too fast'!

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Saheb Mohapatra 02 November 2014

good poem........perhaps a teaching to the mankind........greatly enjoyed it.

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