Life - Two-Fold Poem by Deep Mukherjee

Life - Two-Fold

Rating: 3.8

Perceived by etherial darkness
Embedded in the fabric of pain
Pain - the essence of my lonely heart! !

Waves scattered of crimson flame
Once the symbol of hope and freedom
Now seems the epitome of deceit! !

Clouds quenched of thirst
Sun rises and Sun sets;
The sun of my dreams sank forever! !

The wings of burden
Once conceived as my way to salvation
From this dismal slavery of life! !

The golden cage of palace
Now empty with eternal voidness
Once haunted by the laments of respite! !

One home of encaged soul
Another of unknown future
Where's the home that I craved for! !

A rusted bullet through my head
Slowly losing my senses;
Senses secured in the depth of abyss! !

Moments like golden grains of sand
Phew! they creep away
Like dreams set free on the horizon! !

Slowly embraced by the world of death
Death - a place of profound silence;
Silence broken by the mourning bird! !

A mystery and a dream
The bird in the azure sky
Singing the song of eternal pain! !

Dead Rose 26 January 2012

nice wording... good poem! ! ! Rose))))))

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Wahab Abdul 26 January 2012

Are you fatalistic in such a young age? Or is this the way you take the things? Or your sharp intellect force you to look the things in them deeper? Flames are symbol of hope and wings are symbol of freedom, these are established through out the world, but you want to destroy these by your power of anti-reason…..other wise the poem has its quality of good flow and nice wordings… the tone and texture of the poem is very fantastic, the weaving of the poem is a fine fabric of marvelous art I am giving you 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Dead Leaf 26 January 2012

A great poem..... Really liked it

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Laila lili 29 January 2012

nice poem...keep on :)

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Pooja Shanbhag 27 January 2012

Awesome Poem! Great work!

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Cassandra Jones 27 January 2012

This was a great poem! I really liked it!

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Dave Walker 26 January 2012

A really great poem, like it.

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Alicia Meyers 26 January 2012

A great poem indeed.: D

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