Confrontation Poem by Deep Mukherjee


Rating: 4.4

Oneday in my dream
I came across a broken-wing bird
I silently asked 'Can you see me? '
With agony in eyes she screamed;
'I can see a pain-ful world'! !
Oneday in my dream
I came across a hungry lion
I fearfully asked 'Can you see me? '
With violence in his eyes he screamed;
'I can see the food which keeps me on'! !
Oneday in my dream
I came across an encaged rabbit
I politely asked 'Can you see me? '
With disgust it replied;
'I see slavery, deception and deceit'! !
Oneday in my dream
I came across a hunted deer
I frightfully asked 'Can you see me? '
Replied as it ran away;
'I see terror and fear'! !
Then oneday in my dream
I came across a smiling man
With despair I asked the same;
His smile banished; was it so lame! !
Without a reply the creature ran! ! !
Abandoned by everyone-
Dreams sank in deep water
To taste the voidness
Of this endless sea of despair! ! ! ! !

Krystal Vincent 15 January 2012

this is amazing expression and i commend u for that.... cuz generations can talk and say stuff and then u can easily believe what others think about you but i think its even more important to know urself and what u believe sometimes is all that matters.dont let people, things determine who u are or r gonna be... sometimes in this world u have to fight hard for the good things.

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Alicia Meyers 15 January 2012

Very amazing. :) I really like this. It's has very good expression.: D

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Deep Mukherjee 16 January 2012

@Ahmed Khaled; sir; as i have already stated; this poem is a result of the inspiration i got from your poetry......i feel it's quiet an achievement that you have acknowledged it! ! ! !

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Deep Mukherjee 16 January 2012

And thanks to everybody who have appreciated my work! ! ! ! ! ! a big thanks from the core of my heart! ! ! !

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Shruti Goswami 16 January 2012

Nice and different theme...nobody is bereft of the sorrows while living..

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Soulful Heart 21 February 2012

thats a sea of despair indeed to see the world so full of people yet every where there is lonliness and a void darkness engulfing...............poignant

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Rachelle Firman 04 February 2012

A very odd way of explaining it but we feel your pain great poem

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woah. did you really have these dreams. it is also good 10

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~Deana ~ Dotterweich 31 January 2012

Fantastic! Very well written...

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Rosmin Elsa Mohan 30 January 2012

You are an exceptional poet Deep: -) 'tis an honour to have read your lines

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