Contradiction Poem by Deep Mukherjee


Rating: 4.8

Science wears mask of ostentatious truth
Religion in the mask of silent vice
Mankind wearing the mask of history
To conceal the sins of twisted lies;
Face - the mask of deception
Mind behind the mask of simplicity
Creates a world within a world
Existed like the 'Heralds of Eternity';
Light- the mask of endless hope
Darkness in the mask of devine pain
Revives the fallacy of perpetual dreams
Makes us to follow them....inane! !
We all wear a mask
A mask to heal!
A mask to unveil!
A mask to conceal!
A mask to reveal!
Behind the mask where trueself lies
Behind the mask where humanity cries
An encaptured soul mourning for love
But malice in the mask of Almighty
Makes delusions of omnipotence
A void everywhere; a void inside me.
Yet 'Belief' is the word they say
To believe in something is the only way;
I believe in the Sun
Even though it's slowly rising;
I believe in you
Even without realizing
Like a Nightingale singing for eternity
I believe in you; you will set me free..............

Purnendu Mandal 12 January 2012

khub boro bhabna.....: -) ....

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Subodh Pandey 12 January 2012

behind mask genuine feeling are flowing out. nice write

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Deep Mukherjee 12 January 2012

Thanks both of you :)

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Dead Rose 13 January 2012

unveil the mask of contadiction..a nice poem..,

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Ramesh Rai 14 January 2012

We all are pulling up this life for eternity like the nightingale singing for eternity.; and one day we will set free. a deep thought behind this poem.

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Rachelle Firman 04 February 2012

true we all wear many masks good and bad

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Wahab Abdul 28 January 2012

yes, we all wear a mask, the world is full of contradiction, where shall we get straight truth? yes, contradiction gives me more pain than anything, i am also frustrated a lot with hippocracy and lie, '' But malice in the mask of Almighty'' what this? atheist? ok, go on, singing the song of eternity, believing the poems, poets, and intellects! ! ! ! !

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(De Va) 17 January 2012

Behind the mask where trueself lies Behind the mask where humanity cries An encaptured soul mourning for love I did so enjoy reading this poem...your words are telling all the fallacy of the world....great write...Blessings

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Dave Walker 15 January 2012

Most people hide behind a mask its how The world is. A truly fantastic poem.

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Deep Mukherjee 14 January 2012

Thank you Ramesh for going through the conclusion! ! ! ! ! ! :)

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