Live Your Life Poem by Haven Leonel

Live Your Life

for those of you who do not like 'rap' then do not read this.. i do not usually write rap lyrics but there is a first time for everything.

This is my life,
its a life filled with expirience,
influenced by obediance,
and packed full with intellegence.

I believe life is to short for sufferance because of violance,
we need to realize that every action we come up with,
has its own consequence.

I dont have a lot of patience,
because I know one day my life is going to be taken.
It always happens so fast that one day,
you fall asleep and never awaken.

So live your life to the fullest,
be lovin not hatin
so that when you die, youll be seeing god and not satin!

Its the only one youve been givin,
walk tall with your head high aiming toward heaven.

Life is full of surprises,
you have a second chance to live you life right
everytime the sun rises.

Just be your self and take off all your disguises,
remember that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

Be who you are and stop chasing perfection,
because for every rejection there is an acception.
Be strong so that when you look in the mirror
you can embrace your reflection.

Even I have things in my life that I wish were more pleasant
like all those close friends I had, have now become distant.
I cant force my life to change in an instant,
I wish I could but I cant, I just need to be patient.
And hope and pray that one day my life will be different.

We all have problems we are trying hard not to face,
but doing that creates memories we can never erase,
your a child of God, your not a disgrace.
Take your time and work out your problems at your own pace.
Because like I said....we're all going to die one of these days.

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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