Lifes A Nightmare Poem by Lisa French

Lifes A Nightmare

Rating: 3.9

A smack on my face a slit on my wrists
When everyday ends I feel like this
I'm sick of my heart leaving me defending
It leads me to places where there is no happy ending
Lifes a nightmare I just want to escape
But I don't think I can i've lost my fate
Tears and scars I try to hide
But theres always someone who noties after i've cried
I feel like crying out but I don't want to know it
I'd love some help but I don't want to show it
I'd rather it get deeper than look really sad
But the cuts are getting worse and it looks really bad

Allan O 09 December 2009

Perfect comments from those who have read this...and i is a beautiful poem and it is well written...dark poetry is great there is nothing wrong with it..i write alot of it myself...just remember that writing about issues as this are gives release and hopefully a little can only hope that if you have inner demons..that you just write about them as your escape..and not take things deeper...well done Lisa...feel free to read any of my older writings i do alot of dark poetry and some light poetry as well....thanks... ~^..^

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Mimi Fakhira 12 December 2008

Yes, life is sometimes a nightmare. But nightmares don't last forever. I read a poem about hope a couple of minutes ago. Hope is a bird that flew beside you, singing you tunes of your heart. If you hold on to your faith, if you believe in yourself and in life, God willing, your nightmares will end and you will rise like a phoenix from it's ashes. Keep on living, Lisa. Mimi-

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