Lisa French Poems

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Suicide, suicide
Your presence is near
Suicide, suicide
I wish you were here

What A Beautiful Suicide

What a beautiful suicide
The night skies so dark
The stars shine brightly
Tonight I’ll make a mark

A Reason To Smile

A reason to smile
Is that it looks better than a frown
It makes you feel happy
With no sense of feeling down

Scars, Secrects Someone Else Knows

My heart is bleeding my eyes are crying
Inside I almost feel like i'm dying
There are scars that just won't fade
But the tears that I cry can wash away

The Night I Tried To Kill Myself

The night I tried to kill myself
Was like a scary dream
A knife held to my neck
No one heard me scream


I walk this empty world
All alone
I don’t wish for many others
I’m on my own

My Suicide Letter

Dear Mother and Father
As you read this I want you to know
None of this is your fault
As I love you both so


I sit here by myself, thinking of suicide
I look at a knife, wanting to commit suicide
I look at a photo, hating my life
Telling myself, suicide stops the pain

A True Me

Who is a true me do I really know
Is it the person I am or the person I show
Is it someone I want to be or someone i'm not
I'm not to sure have I forgot

Please Stop Fighting

I sit in my room with the door shut tight
All I hear is fighting it's just not right

I sit here in tears as I hear glass smashing

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