Scars, Secrects Someone Else Knows Poem by Lisa French

Scars, Secrects Someone Else Knows

Rating: 4.8

My heart is bleeding my eyes are crying
Inside I almost feel like i'm dying
There are scars that just won't fade
But the tears that I cry can wash away
But I lock away the pain, put away the fears
Show you only smiles not the hidden tears
So what if I have a cut or two
Nobody notices especially you
You wouldn't notice anything was wrong by the way I act
Thats how I wanted it to be to all stay in tact
My secrects not spilled you know how I feel
But now you know it's going to be harder to heal
I didn't want to admit it but it was easier to lie
Hiding the hurt and emptiness to smile instead of cry
It's more harder now knowing someone else knows
It would have been better if I kept my secrets closed
You never would expect anything like this from me
It can get anyone can't you see
Not all scars show not all wounds heal
Sometimes you can't always see the pain someone feels

Michael Stephen 04 March 2023

Nobory feels any pain, Tonight as I sit inside the rain..... Dylan, Bob

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Sterling Questions 09 October 2011

This means alot. Probably to alot of people. Thank you

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Hannah Williams 14 February 2010

i know exactly how you feel. This poem is exactly what I have been through. Thank you so much for writing this =)

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Tessa Warren 03 November 2009

this is an amazing touching poem. i just thought that you should know that your poem has really touched someone. i did not even have an account on this site but i had to make one so that i could comment on your piece. it is truely amazing and honestly meant so much to me.

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Pranati Puri 08 July 2009

This is a great poem. I love the way you write. I wish I could write poetry the way you do. The last two lines were absolutely the best for me. I may quote you, if that's okay with you. You are an amazing poet.

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