Suicide Poem by Lisa French


Rating: 4.8

I sit here by myself, thinking of suicide
I look at a knife, wanting to commit suicide
I look at a photo, hating my life
Telling myself, suicide stops the pain

I turn the lights off, alone in dark
Reaching for the knife, that’s going to take it away
I think of certain people, they don’t care
For the first time, I think of myself

I dig the knife, into part of my skin
Letting all of my blood, pour out
I’m not dying quick enough, so another cut I make
Then a final cut on my neck, and a stab in my heart


Ive read most of your poems and i have to say they are good. People usully dont understand suicide poems but i do. If the pain is too great its always good to get it down in writing. To just express your pain and let others know you share the shame of a suicidle person. I wish i knew you in person then we could be frineds and have some fun with our words. Keep it up we are all your friends.

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Alex gomez 19 February 2010

poems are how you express your self its a way to tell people how you really feel OR at least it is for most people i love your poems i can relate to most of these when i read these poems its like if you were writing like you were me everything you write is like if you were in my life i love these poems so much they help me i don't know how but they do AND if you are really thinking of do this then as a complete stranger im asking you not to it would hurt all of the people around you hope you write more poems like this a big fan <3 heidi

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Caitlin. w 18 July 2009

This is really really good..I hope you r ok..

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