My Suicide Letter Poem by Lisa French

My Suicide Letter

Rating: 5.0

Dear Mother and Father
As you read this I want you to know
None of this is your fault
As I love you both so

I want you to know why I did this
Even though the truth may hurt
For the past few years I've felt so down
Further than under the dirt

Your daughter of great success's
But no one could ever see
The tears behind the smile I showed
The person who was actually me

By myself, feeling all alone
Made me worse and down
Please don't blame yourself for the decision I made
Because you never saw your daughters frown

I love you and I'll miss you a lot
Same with everyone too
In your heart I'll always be
And in heaven waiting for you

As I sit here and write my last goodbye
Everyone rushes through my head
Things will be better off, I promise
Now that I am dead

Just to let you know this isn't for real. I just find it easier to write poems like this. So no need to be worried. :)

Adam Yaklin 20 April 2010

This is probally your best poem I read so far. Even though its not as real to you as it is to the people who read it.

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Faye Burford 10 December 2009

the flow of words is so important, just like me with my words people often take them the wrong way,

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Tori Puhipi 13 July 2009

i realy like this poem ive had suicidal thoughts myself i juist dont like the ending

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