Light Of Life Poem by Samantha Collins

Light Of Life

we all are born with a light cast over us
and this light follows around like our shadow
but it changes based on the way we live
and the way we are.

boys start blue,
girls start pink.
are you a girl that acts like a boy
or a boy that acts like girl?
then your light changes purple.
wicked smart, add some green,
wicked flirty, add some pink.
really sad, and some blue,
really happy, add some yellow.
and so on..

and every time you make a life changing decision
your color changes, and everyone around you can see it.
but in the end all the colors of our lives end the same
a lonely dull shade full of nothing
when really it's the color of our lives;
of everything we felt
and everything we stood for.

so live your life the way you want to
cause no matter how you do
you'll light will always end the same dark shade of

Marieta Maglas 09 August 2010

abstract lines that invite the reader to deep thought..very well conceived poem....

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Terence George Craddock 07 August 2010

I have lived in light and in dark times, but black is not a colour and life for me will not end in black, I like and follow the light :)

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