Like That Never Happened Poem by Selena Star

Like That Never Happened

Rating: 2.8

Now i keep my head up high
And never look back
All our good times that we've had
Are just an erased memory
Were still good friends
It's plain to see
And we'll never go back to that
Because all the feelings that we had
Have swiftly faded away
So if you see me on the street
I suggest you don't ask me if I'm okay
Cos I'll just look at you stupidly and ask
'What are you talking about? '
I'm not sad
I'm not heartbroken
I'm just starting to move on
So don't even try to remind me of
Whats in the past
'I don't know what you're talking about
I don't recall my heart being broken'
But when you turn and walk away
I will whisper
'I've been pretending like it never happened,
Each and every day'

Justine Keaton 10 November 2007

I have been in this kind of pain before it so hard on the heart but time will heal you, and you will find love again. ~Justine~

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Midnight Maiden 08 November 2007

This poem almost could be a song well written -midnightmaiden

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Anita Blake 07 November 2007

i feel ya hun, great write!

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

That/'s what I've done to all my ex's' I act like I'm fine... one of them still tries to call. Great poem.

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Selena Star

Selena Star

no need ta knw
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