Being Single-07 Poem by Selena Star

Being Single-07

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They ask me who I'm going out with
I reply 'No one, I'm single'
They laugh and say
'That cant be true,
You're never single'
I turn and walk away

You see, being single isn't only a bad thing
It can be a good thing too
Sure, being single can be very lonely
Believe me, i KNOW for a FACT

But it's also good in a way
Because you can hang out with guy friends
And not be sticking to his side
You don't have to worry if he's cheating on you
You can meet new people
And get to know them
(if you know what i mean)
You can basically do more stuff
Than you could do while being with him
And best of all
You can LOOK, AND TOUCH (haha)
But the one thing i can't answer
That my friend told me the other day
Is 'I don't know whats worse
Being single? or being engaged? '

Dislocated Heart 19 March 2008

lol look and touch.. nice. i agree with you. being single isnt bad, more freedom is given to you. great write.

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Justine Keaton 10 November 2007

I agree with the others, don't rush romance it will happen when it happens and your less likely to get hurt as much. ~Justine~

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Anita Blake 07 November 2007

great write hun :)

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I kind of know that one. You express it with a becoming honesty. Being single or being engaged.... depends on the lucky chap! Have a blast while you're single.... :) t x

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

Love this poem. I agree, I've been having the time of my life atm: -)

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Selena Star

Selena Star

no need ta knw
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