I Hate You-06 Poem by Selena Star

I Hate You-06

Rating: 3.6

You used to call me your sunshine
And you used to be really fine
I wanted to be in your life
And now i am your ex wife
I hate you so bad for that

We used to be really wild
But we never had a child
I was really cool
But i ended up with a fool
I hate you baby boy

I told you i loved you
And you said you love me too
But how could that be
When in the end you said you hated me
So now i hate you too

You are still in my half broken heart
While your car is a one wheeled shopping cart
You always were beggin
You can never enter my heart again
Because i hate you

Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

You go girl! That guy sounded nasty!

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Wandering Scarlet 03 August 2007

if u cudd relate to this, i wudd tell u. its just that im not too much into guys at the moment, ive never been with a guy, and honestly dont intend on doing so ;)

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Denise Clark 01 February 2006

Boy can I relate to this writing, I understand exactly what you are feeling in this write..

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Selena Star

Selena Star

no need ta knw
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