Missin' You-08 Poem by Selena Star

Missin' You-08

Rating: 5.0

I'm missin' you,
Every single day,
Though I've tried to get over you,
In every possible way.

But it just doesn't seem to work,
Because I was so in love with you,
And I don't know why since you broke my heart,
And cheated on me too.

But for some strange reason,
You're always on my mind,
From sun up to sun down,
Oh how the hours pass by.

I think of how we layed together,
That night on her bed,
And how you gained the courage to kiss me,
Though I longed for your touch instead.

I still wonder why I think of you,
Since you hurt me so bad,
I guess it's because of all that happened,
And all that love we had.

Though I still think from time to time,
If your love for me was true,
But I guess I'll never find out,
Since I told you we were through.

Everyday I think about,
How you broke my heart,
It hurts because I knew you would,
Even from the start.

I've seen you hurt other girls,
And how you crushed their dreams,
I guess I just cared for you too much,
I loved you by all means.

Now I can't even look at you,
Because a tear will form in my eye,
We will never be that perfect couple,
No matter how hard we try.

Because you will never truely care,
Especially not for me,
I'll never be your love,
And you'll never like what you see.

You'll always want to be with someone else,
Because I'm not your type,
But I'll only want to be with you,
Because no one else I will like.

I can't promise with all my heart,
That it'll always be us two,
But one thing I know is for sure,
Is that everyday I will be missin' you!

*Wednesday March 19,2008*

Kelly Gemmill 21 March 2008

At 15, you're doing well. You've grasped the idea that poetry is a way to express feeling, and also your meter and rhyme flowed pretty well. My advice to you is to keep writing, and more importantly, start reading a lot of poetry. If it really does something for you to write it, you have to read it. Pablo Neruda's a good start. Beautifully simple... and move on from there. A criticism (because without them we never improve) is that though the poem sounds good, its lines are a little overused. The fun (and the struggle) comes in finding new and interesting ways to say things, and really getting to know and love words and language as your medium. : o) keep going

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Greenwolfe 1962 21 March 2008

Your communication was excellant and your rhyme was very good. You do the important poetry things very well. I don't know if you're getting better but you are more confident in your poetry. I can see that. This means you will certainly improve if you keep at it. GW62

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William Jackson 21 March 2008

I like the feeling, the raw emotion of this poem, and I understand completely how one can become entirely consumed with another person to the degree that she (or in your case, he) becomes a drug, a complete endorphin rush. It is a bummer when such a person is not good for you either. Yes, I like this poem. It sounds like the memory of this person will be with you for awhile.

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Dislocated Heart 21 March 2008

hm.. i like the way you write. this writin of yours is.... idk..i dont think i have the right word for it. but its beyond great. beautiful.. love every part of it. its a 10.: ] great piece of writing.

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Thad Wilk 20 March 2008

Hi Stef! ! A beautiful and poignant poem! Very capturing and as Ivan said and i agree (vertical form) easier on the eye as to seeing linkages. Other than that, keep up the great penning! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad *10*! !

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Flame6203E . 24 March 2008

wow really heartfelt wish i could write stuff like that great poem keep writing

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hi peeps! ! ! (lol) 24 March 2008

nice, great poem! ! ! i think 'Ann Beard' said it all! ! !

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Roliza Sanchez 22 March 2008

hi stef.. you got a good poem..through that, i knew how emotional you are.. God speed..watch out also for my new poems..thanks

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Ann Beard 22 March 2008

A good poem obviously written from the heart. you are very young, your poems will get better and better as new experiences come your way so keep writing. Well done..... Ann

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 21 March 2008

Your expressing strong feeling so you really got the swing of poetry. Your improving a whole lot so keep it up! ~Andrea Anderson~

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