Crying My Eyes Out-07 Poem by Selena Star

Crying My Eyes Out-07

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it happened AGAIN
just when i fell in love
you break my heart into pieces

i actually thought
you were 'the one'
how stupid of me
i knew it'd happen again

im so blind
i couldnt see
if you did it to her
you'd do it to me

my first REAL kiss
i fell in love
now im sitting here crying
and i just wana know why

after all of those 'i love you's
and the kisses
now you wana call it over?
i see how it is

but why'd you have to wait
until i fell in love with you
cos now its even worse
and i cant get over you

thanks for the laughs
thanks for making me THINK i was loved
and most of all, thanks,
for making me think you were 'the one'

tears come out
one by one
but so so fast
my rooms about to flood

im crying tears
but theyre comming out dry
ive cried soo much
i have no more tears to cry

she says dont cry
no vato's worth your tears
but she doesnt know how i feel about you
my love is seriously real

i got over him
it may have taken a while
not sooner but WAY later
ill get over you

it'll take a long time
ill probly cry for weeks
but i've gotten over guys
and i know how to get thru this

it sure is a challenge
cos i love you way more than i did them
but theres other punks in the moshpit
thats what i always say

i give people advice
and they always take it
so i guess its time for me
to take my own advice

but until i get over you
ill just cry, and cry
and cry my eyes out
until no more tears fall from my eyes

Vilma Xelin 08 September 2007

It always happen to us over and over my friend... don't feel alone. At least u still can fall in love and reminds you that u r still alive... Worst is when ur heart after all this pain, decides to block itself, lefting us out of the alive world... You are blessed still! Be glad for that.

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Rommel Filoteo 21 October 2007

sometimes it's just happen even thou we dont want too, sometimes you'll be hurt by someone you love or some that you care most. i know how it feels but you have to move on, give love another chance coz this makes us a better person. somewhere, somehow you'll see in some unexpected date or time you will meet the man of your dream that will love you & willing to spend the the rest of his life by your side thru the end of time. God bless, Rommel

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 16 September 2007

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! ! ! Men suk! Do't worry, you can do way betta. And just remember your own saying, 'There are many other punks in the moshpit.' That poem was heaps heartfelt. Great work: -)

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jazmine kristen 15 September 2007

WOW...I read all of ur new poems ur r really great writer and all comes from the heart! ! !

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jazmine kristen 10 September 2007

WOW...thats is great I feel u I kno how it feels but guys just like to heart ur heart but I hope u great over him! ! ! ! ! ! !

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joe jones 09 September 2007

Thats a really sad poem. i feel the same way a lot of times.its sad because i say i wont let it happen again but it always does.but that is a really emotinal poem.

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Selena Star

Selena Star

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