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Line Of Control

Rating: 5.0

They come to see us
In the company of winds and rains
Their whispers are heard
Besides the doors
And empty corridors are filled
With the shimmering garments and scented bodies.
Leaping over the walls, slipping down the roofs and sun shades
Walking with voiceless steps like the shadows of clouds
Eyes see them crossing the silence
Of half paved courtyards

Far from reach
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Subham Dutta 06 September 2009

It is a really good poem

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Asma Khan 03 September 2009

They come to see us In the company of winds and rains Superb words and nice flow.

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Mary Sanchez 02 September 2009

Wow! At first this write seemed kind of hair-rising and mysterious. Yet I could not stop reading because it was also very exciting, As I continued on it came to be more comforting and rather jubilant. I really enjoyed this lovely piece of work. Thank you Sasa

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Sadiqullah Khan 02 September 2009

This is a forceful piece of writing, which would make you ponder in the beginning, creating curiosity of what the poet is speaking in the emptiness of the courtyards and windows agape. Crossing over shadows and the imagination across the line of control of the people similar like us. The echo is well depicted in the cold, mountains.10++

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Teigan Klippel 02 September 2009

Loved every word of it. The thing about poetry is that it lets the reader into a fantasy world.. and i love that feeling.

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Deepta Protik Osman 02 January 2010

One of the great poems

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 December 2009

Message from Surendra Kushwaha: From: Surendra Kushwaha (Vidisha India; Male; 48) To: Naseer Ahmed Nasir Date Time: 12/7/2009 8: 41: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: congrats dear naseer, The poem 'Line of Control' is captivating and gives message of harmony. Lots of love from across the border {your Indian brother} yours Surendra 48 India

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Catrina Heart 16 September 2009

The line of control is the line of power.........great imagery and philosophy....10+++

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ZEYNEB SELEME 13 September 2009

I liked this poem too...you must always write...

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Rayan Ali 09 September 2009

a very impressive poem...good to read.

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