Line Of Control Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Line Of Control

Rating: 5.0

They come to see us
In the company of winds and rains
Their whispers are heard
Besides the doors
And empty corridors are filled
With the shimmering garments and scented bodies.
Leaping over the walls, slipping down the roofs and sun shades
Walking with voiceless steps like the shadows of clouds
Eyes see them crossing the silence
Of half paved courtyards
Far from reach
Moving towards measureless distances.

The windows yawn with mouth agape
And ponder on that;
Overthrowing the earth, nestled comfortably on its breast
Looking triumphantly towards the sky
These mountains, beyond them
There must be a lake
And birds and nimbus clouds
And thickets of trees running into each other
Uneven grassy plains
Herds of sheep and lonely shepherds
And pathways running far away
There must be some village, some city
Or some other country
Where some other poet (like myself) lives
Writing verses!

Demarcation is easy on parchments
A few dots and lines delimitate
Mountains, rills, streams, sloping grounds
Fields, settlements, jurisdictions, ownerships and regions
Passes and secret paths
Even forts and battlements with rows of iron - clad heads
Can be drawn.
But while pointing out the shadows overstepping the walls
Extending to doors, windows, courtyards
And the silence spread up to the remote recesses of the hearts,
The sun and rain change their hue
On the ground plan.

(Translated from Urdu into English by Prof. Ghulam Jilani Asghar)

Santhi Krishnan 25 August 2009

a very good piece of writing..which will cross the borders and reach every heart

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Sandra Fowler 25 August 2009

There will always be a place reserved for your verses, my dear Naseer. Your work reaches beyond the margins of all countries, cultures and creeds. Beautiful in any language.10/10. Always your friend, Sandra

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Dr. Sonal Chhaya 25 August 2009

Thank you for sharing this poem with me. It stirred strange and mixed feelings regarding borders. I personally do not believe in any form of demarcation. In the eyes of Nature we are all one. Nice write......

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Marieta Maglas 26 August 2009

beautiful flowing words, vivid images, well embedded philosophical concept........10

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Pandian Angelina 27 August 2009

They form lines everywhere Indoctrinating discipline But, are butterflies indisciplined We seem far worse than animals Guarding territories traditions Superstitions and prejudices All made by selfish men Who step out of the self same lines To lead to gain to rule and grab Like sheep in pen we also live Within the lines and follow blindly Though it might lead to a butcher's stall Only poets prophets and seers Think of a world with no lines Other than the skyline at the horizon! Another poem to treasure from the secret trove of yours, sweet lulling words but hard hitting truth we find hidden within! Wonderful poem, friend, as always I humbly bow before the majesty of your words! Angel

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Deepta Protik Osman 02 January 2010

One of the great poems

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 December 2009

Message from Surendra Kushwaha: From: Surendra Kushwaha (Vidisha India; Male; 48) To: Naseer Ahmed Nasir Date Time: 12/7/2009 8: 41: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: congrats dear naseer, The poem 'Line of Control' is captivating and gives message of harmony. Lots of love from across the border {your Indian brother} yours Surendra 48 India

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Catrina Heart 16 September 2009

The line of control is the line of power.........great imagery and philosophy....10+++

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ZEYNEB SELEME 13 September 2009

I liked this poem must always write...

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Rayan Ali 09 September 2009

a very impressive poem...good to read.

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