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The sky ablaze
Thunder roaring
Wind whining
I look up in the sky

Oh! Depression!
I love you
And you love me

Eyes darting, searching
Finally meet
Locked in a gaze
Heart skips a beat.

The sun ablazing
Birds a chirping
Together sing a couplet
Cat mewing


Love is togetherness.....
Like wax and wick
Both possessing different properties when alone
Together create light


Life is a stage
We all actors enact our part
Each day a new beginning
A continuous journey of recycled experiences

Your smiling face
Brings out the beauty in you
I notice a tear
Hidden truths thoroughly masked

F – Fabulous
A – Adorable
T – Tolerant
H – Humane

Couple blessed by the Lord
With their bundle of joy
The most beautiful girl eyes can hold
Fair as a maiden, goldilocks and rosy cheeks

Luminous moon shining brightly
The night so dark and deep
An eerie silence
Chilling, raising goosebumps

Cold, dark eerie night
Not a star visible tonight
O! Look yonder
A silver streak sneaking through a cloud.

Streaks of red, orange, yellow,
Light up the sky
Majestic roar of the lion
The gleaming sun


Freshness on your face
Like morning dew
Kind heart, pure thoughts
Lie here within you.

Over the sea sunlight dancing
Waking up a tender feeling
Come to me, Come to me
O, my darling! !

Sagar kinare baithe
Lehron ko dekh rahe
Uchhalti, Kudti, chulbuli si
Koi chhoti, to koi badi


Blue like the ocean
Pearly grey, black as soot
Emerald green, fawny brown
Beautiful eyes.

The Best Poem Of Sonal Chhaya

A Rainy Day

The sky ablaze
Thunder roaring
Wind whining
I look up in the sky
A panorama of beauty.

Clouds locked in embrace
Suddenly burst
Bring down a pour
Pit pat a pat
What a synchrony.

Trees sway in rhythmic motion
Flora and fauna quench their thirst
Tinytots soaking
Paper boats afloating
Colorful parasols flutter like butterflies
Some flying hither tither
Men and women running helter skelter.

A ray sneaking a peep
Water droplets shimmering
Lo behold! A colorful bridge across the sky.
Lilies smiling
Birds singing
Fragrance of wet mud
Hot corn cob titillating the taste bud.

Raindrops caress my face
Wind tingling, hugging and kissing
Love holding my hand
Together we walk in the rain.

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Sonal Chhaya Popularity

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