Little Angels In Heaven Poem by Meena Mustafa

Little Angels In Heaven

Rating: 5.0

My heart is broken, I send hugs and prayers
To little angels in heaven now in God's care
A monster walked this earth and took away the lives
Of children so innocent who tried to survive
It now seems everything just froze in time
Their laughter and giggles where will one find?
These little angels had so much love to share
The nation is mourning and the stars are all up there
A place called heaven where Santa will spread his wings
He will travel to the heaven with love he will bring
From all those who love you will light up a candle tonight
For I know you are a STAR shining up there so bright.

On December 14th,2012, many innocent children lost their lives in the hands of a monster at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT
Ken E Hall 21 June 2013

Such a sad poem of the horrors of reality for little angels in heaven...I love the U S of A but I think it has gun laws that monsters can easily get with a crazy amount of gun shops... Nice of you to put this poem out...regards

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Valerie Dohren 04 January 2013

A lovely poem Meena over such a very sad and tragic event. Very well expressed.

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Saadat Tahir 19 December 2012

Touching and deeply unsettling lines. The sad saga, unfortunately never seems to end…..there is always one more creep with a twisted head. Who is gonna stop these monsters. very well written… lovely, like always.

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Payal Parande 17 December 2012

sir is right it is very sad story... the story it heartbreaking it doesn't matter who done it or how or when what matter is so many innocents are not with us.... i hope people read this piece and pray for those kids i'll pray to god to make people care

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