A Garbage Can Poem by Meena Mustafa

A Garbage Can

Rating: 5.0

Life is sometimes not as planned
What could be worse than a garbage can
For you are tossed and thrown away
just like the garbage to rot each day
Taken for granted by a ladies man
A woman is mistreated as much as she can
Love forsaken and lust Oozes out...
To put away his filth without any doubt
In the name of love this game is played
And it is defined as masquerade
The clock turns 8 and it's time to leave
The garbage is out and the man at ease

James Mclain 20 August 2012

Poetry, it is......iip

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Valerie Dohren 26 August 2012

Many women feel used and abused by uncaring men I am sure, but all men are not like this, there are a good many who do care. Good write Meena.

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Unwritten Soul 25 August 2012

Agreed, as life is not as easy as what we have planned...and garbage can? ? ? hmm not so bad if we creatively return its pride...Can can be a great art, recycled use and whatever we may see it, just be creative...what i mean here if we find some part of life was trashed, embraced the moment to make it back on he right track, meaningful, and of course a human, women, men or anything can return as it glory when we know how to conduct what life is we want to make, surrender? just no_Unwritten Soul

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Kelly Seale 21 August 2012

Oh so Wonderful! ! ! This piece tells a man alot, how she is feeling- used, yet, still needing him, when he needs not! Then a man who is smart and just, can read between the lines... Great Ink Meena! ; -) -Kelly.

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R.k Das 21 August 2012

there can not be a better image than ' a garbage can' to portray the theme of this poem,

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Saadat Tahir 20 August 2012

an abso beautiful poem..... it runs around the world at warp speed...scoring million hits a second in context.... what a superb and apt portrayal of what relationships have degenerated to....maybe the easiest poem on the subject i have seen....done disarmingly, almost jauntily....the irony and hurt of eve cloaked in her special way... loved reading it....i v always said you have a gift....! blessed be ***

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