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Let me name this feeling, it's all about you
My lonely world is lit up I can see it through
I just keep thinking and wish upon a star
For a message in a bottle to come from far

Dreams do have deeper meanings,
And certainly they can come true.
Just believe in yourself- it will happen;
From the depths of my being, I know.

Happy Birthday
Birthdays mean a lot to me and memories that I hold

Come share a pot of tea with me
My home is warm and welcomes thee.
A place called home where birds sing
Beautiful memories now it brings-

Every single passing day
My love grows more than words can say
I talk to the wind and trees around
Pleasing myself with the love I've found

Life is sometimes not as planned
What could be worse than a garbage can
For you are tossed and thrown away
just like the garbage to rot each day

I get butterflies…don't know why.
Let my imagination take me high.
Never have I met you… then what is wrong?
With me and my can't go wrong.

Walk down to the streets of hell
A man so insane, and a story to tell

Call him bipolar or mentally insane
Why is it me to suffer the pain?

My little angel I'll rock you to sleep
I'll sing you a lullaby of baba black sheep
Don't be naughty, don't peep through the sheets
There wont be any candies for you as a treat

Come my friends give an ear to this tale

It's all about the ocean and the big black whales

My heart is broken, I send hugs and prayers
To little angels in heaven now in God's care
A monster walked this earth and took away the lives
Of children so innocent who tried to survive

The rain will pour, the river will dance
On the rhythm of the beat, how we met by chance.

The flowers will bloom, telling stories of their own

There is so much pain that time cannot erase
I now fake a smile here on my face
Buried inside me, how badly it bodes
At time’s I feel I will just explode

The night it was pouring
I sat by my bed
Hoping to find answers
That grew in my head

I start my day with coffee as my friend
The beans so fresh, as it blends
Giving out an aroma, that wakes me up
I stumble to the kitchen and look for the cup

A lovers paradise and everyone's dream
Virgina is the land of melodic theme
Where lovers unite and passion grows
Where cardinals sings..and the river flows

The pen is mightier than the sword
I was once held a prisoner of war
The East and West were torn apart
I write this with a bleeding heart...

Leaves may wither, flowers may die,
seasons may change and time may fly.
The clouds I see up in the sky,
brings the rain and miseries -why?

'Thank You Lord'

A year has passed in a blink of an eye

If I lived a thousand years
What would change for me?
My existence is all that is worth
To have my son with me

Meena Mustafa Biography

As the saying goes...Imagination is more important than knowledge.“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”Poetry is a language charged with meaning. I have written over 100 poems covering different topics and some of my poems have been published in different poetry books. Last year my e-book was published by the name of Endless Love on Lulu. All my Poems are original works and ideas and are subject to copyright Meena Mustafa 2009 copying of any of my work will be pursued under the relevant legal clauses of laws against plagiarism and all copyright laws…national and international. I thank all who have taken the time to read my poems. Happy reading :) Meena)

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It's All About You

Let me name this feeling, it's all about you
My lonely world is lit up I can see it through
I just keep thinking and wish upon a star
For a message in a bottle to come from far
Someday I know, our winding paths will meet
Every tearful moment that we have revealed
Now I dream of a rainbow, bright in the sky
Stay with me forever...I've nothing to lie
We'll sail the seas together and stars that shine up high
Ardent breeze of harmony and your touch brushing me by
Whisper, the speech of tireless lips into my ears will flow
Your caresses and kisses will gently make me glow
Love is like a dream so I still stay in wonder
Shall I stay asleep...or awake from its thunder

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Waheed Khan 08 February 2015

Meena Mustafa is amazing poetess. Her entire poetry is inspiring & shows indepth maturity in her writing skills. I am indeed much inspired & wish her she become more rising star in this field.

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