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As the saying goes...Imagination is more important than knowledge.“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”Poetry is a language charged with meaning. I have written over 100 poems covering different topics and some of my poems have been published in different poetry books. Last year my e-book was published by the name ...

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It's All About You

Let me name this feeling, it's all about you
My lonely world is lit up I can see it through
I just keep thinking and wish upon a star
For a message in a bottle to come from far

Never Stop Dreaming Your Dreams...

Dreams do have deeper meanings,
And certainly they can come true.
Just believe in yourself- it will happen;
From the depths of my being, I know.

My Birthday... February 27

Happy Birthday
Birthdays mean a lot to me and memories that I hold

Tea Gardens (Chittagong)

Come share a pot of tea with me
My home is warm and welcomes thee.
A place called home where birds sing
Beautiful memories now it brings-

A Mother's Love

My little angel I'll rock you to sleep
I'll sing you a lullaby of baba black sheep
Don't be naughty, don't peep through the sheets
There wont be any candies for you as a treat

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Waheed Khan 08 February 2015

Meena Mustafa is amazing poetess. Her entire poetry is inspiring & shows indepth maturity in her writing skills. I am indeed much inspired & wish her she become more rising star in this field.

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