Loves First Kiss Poem by Crystal Bradley

Loves First Kiss

Long lost love
How I yearn for thee.
Soft, sweet whispers
of loves ancient melody.
Bittersweet memories
of loves first kiss.
Tantalizing glimpses
of never forgotten bliss.
Star struck eyes
turn from love to hate.
Two innocent souls
lost in the hands of fate.
A bleeding heart.
A choked goodbye.
Remembrances of
when our young love died.


wow...heartbreakin poem...xpressed pretty well usin poetic devices. well, the title was more attractive than the poem... anyways, these lines r literally awesome, 'Star struck eyes turn from love to hate. Two innocent souls l ost in the hands of fate.'

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Rodrigo Pahati 03 August 2010

Romance - unfortunately sometimes forgotten. Reminders to rekindle are essential. Thank you for sharing.

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Juan Olivarez 01 August 2010

I am foremost a romantic, you had me hooked from the start. good work.

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Eyan Desir 01 August 2010

Very nice well expressed

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That first love is never forgotten.. this poem captures the essence of innocent love! ; D

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Dr.subhendu Kar 01 August 2010

Soft, sweet whispers of loves ancient melody............ yet it flutes by symphony through hollowness as ancient wishes runs avidly by rungs of desire, passion when seems to cry in wilderness, yet with all ingenuities by pangs of sadness, most heart touching as diction flows gently,10+++, thanks for sharing

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