Little Girls Must Not Fret Poem by Ann Taylor

Little Girls Must Not Fret

Rating: 2.8

WHAT is it that makes little Emily cry?
Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye:
There–lay down your head on my bosom–that's right,
And now tell mamma what's the matter to-night.

What! Emmy is sleepy, and tired with play?
Come, Betty, make haste then, and fetch her away;
But do not be fretful, my darling; you know
Mamma cannot love little girls that are so.

She shall soon go to bed and forget it all there–
Ah! here's her sweet smile come again, I declare:
That's right, for I thought you quite naughty before.
Good night, my dear child, but don't fret any more.

* Sunprincess * 09 August 2015

...........very this extraordinary write ★

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John Richter 20 August 2015

Agree with every one below... This wonderful little poem sings exactly like a lullaby... It's the meter. But of course our minds need to supply the tune. This poem makes that very easy

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Kedrix Udjoe 19 August 2015

this poem looks more like a lullaby.

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The Lullaby is nice work.

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Lullaby Loving.

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Ramesh T A 19 August 2015

What a nice way to convince a child and ask to be okay before going to bed!

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