Little White Cloud Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Little White Cloud

Rating: 5.0

A little white cloud floated down on a windy summer day
He came from the sky because he wanted to play
All the children in the playground were having such fun
Until the cloud caught their ball, and started to run

Bounce, bounce, bounce, and the cloud flew away
Up high in the sky where he started to fade
Gone was their ball and the children were sad
They yelled at the cloud to give their ball back

Down from the blue the little cloud fell
Bounce, bounce, bounce, but he stayed on the ground
The wind that held him had faded away
Now, in the midst of the children, he felt so ashamed

All of his playmates laughed at the little sad cloud
No mater how he tried, he was stuck on the ground
Bounce, bounce, bounce, he could not fly away
So the children joined in, and they made it a game

The cloud was so happy to still have all his friends
That, when he tossed them the ball he started floating again
Up to the sky where all clouds belong
While drifting away, he started singing this song

{I am a little cloud who just wanted to play
Then I took the red ball, and I floated away
Up to the sky where I could hide from them all
Where no one would find me, or the little red ball

Brother wind went calm because I was bad
My mother and father kind of looked really mad
The ball was too heavy, so I started to fall
Back to the ground, holding the ball

It made me so happy that they still wanted to play
So I will go back again come another windy day
This time I'll play and have lots of fun
Never again will I take their ball and run}


Little White Cloud
Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 March 2021

What a lovely well crafted poem. Superb imagery.

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