Loneliness Poem by Neha Kaushik


When the night begins,
a fear comes from within.
In these lonely ways,
there's no one who forever stays.
As we move ahead in life,
so many relations are left to strive.
This raspy journey engulfs everyone around,
leaving forlornness and loneliness to surround.
Relations that were so dear to our heart,
but just to succeed in life, they were broken apart.
Leaving the relations far behind,
today I don't find anyone to confide.
One speedy step forward in this race,
and thousands of people we forget in our hyperpace.
We remember the time spent with them in pain,
but there's no one who could be blamed.
In this harsh journey everyone we lost,
have we ever thought we reached the destination at what cost?
At last at a certain point I try to analyze,
what is the gain? I'm not able to finalize.
In this whole journey of gain and loss,
loss is what we attain in gross.
In our quest for prosperity and success,
we lost the ones who were so earnest.

[Written on: : 27.04.2003]

Aashish Ameya 13 June 2006

gud one. life is success v/s happiness, choose the right thing....

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Dr.Amit K Biswas 12 June 2006

I too know of one who is going to face exactly what you are talking about, but does not understand now, when they do, its a point of no return.

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