Being A Women Poem by Neha Kaushik

Being A Women

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Caged in relations,
bounded by commitments,
imprisoned by society,
chained by customs.

My thinking forced,
voice suppressed
dreams shattered,
desires stifled.

From ages, I've lived this way,
thrashed every night,
killed even before I came to life,
strangled to death in my own house.

Slaved by this man's world,
brutalities they made me suffer.
I was used for their pleasure,
and dumped at their will.

My freedom curbed,
aspirations murdered,
soul tortured,
and now, I've turned into a living corpse.

Without any feelings,
without a heart,
with no more pains,
no more complaints

Pradeep Dhavakumar 25 July 2006

Good strong poem, Neha.. Well written.Thank you.

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Anjana Aravind 22 July 2006

Beautifully written... This is a universal problem Anjana

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Nalini Hebbar 20 July 2006

you have written a beautiful poem neha...never enough written about

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I have to agree with u here Neha, it is definately true for vast majority of Women.

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Preeti - is here! 20 July 2006

I agree that women have been shunned and not allowed to speak their mind and act in a way they like, but there are so many positives to being a woman too. I like the sad bit of being a woman which you captured really well! Btw will read more of your poems soon! Preets

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