Mr. Tale

Lonely Man's Tale - Poem by Mr. Tale

Staring down a one way road
He tries to not look back on a past through a mold
Filled with the steps they've told
No other choice, this man is sold

You said there'll be someone to take me on a ride
Something to ease the stride
But when horses come equipped with a gun
You look brighter towards the sun

He's holding the map she gave him in his hands
The tears in his eyes fall down like sand
Filling himself with an hourglass will
Inside the tide has the smell of steel
Hardens the fall towards his final bill
I've had to leave, said the poor bagger
The help I seek doesn't require a ladder

She's coming here, his mind giggles in disgrace
Thinking it's all just a passing phase
And through his head only one phrase
On a round bridge full of regret
Who has the power to remember and who's got the will to forget?

He said he gave you flowers
He said that through his broken glass, your lips taste sour
And when the wind chases down the coward
He stays afoot saying it's not the hour

Liar oh liar screamed the helplessly bold thief
He took their guns and turned them to leaves
And they don't grow without the letter
That turned to golden snow falling like feather

On a dark night sails through the mortician
The memory of his loved ones carries permission
He knows he's been here before,
Since the green in their eyes comes with rendition
Red in his heart disguise as a politician
His head in remorse knowing he's on his life's mission

Saying there's no use for a blind man to look above
That white and blue signaled a dove
And he can't see why he needs to be free
Since he runs away drifting at sea
Lifting his hand so she'll come and stay
Give him a moment's pause to breathe the day
He wanted a reason for his life's work
Knowing treason is committed by a fork

He was never too good at spotting the colors
Sweet tones of screaming deafness were his to call them lovers
And when imagination becomes obscene
Every little step becomes a scene

Drifting and walking for him was enough
Laughing towards destiny made him feel tough
Thicker than ice he thought he might be
Licking the wounds from climbing another colorless tree

And when he decided it was done
He kneeled with his back towards the sun
Walked away with the shame of stealing his own
Looking back just once to catch a dying man's tone
Since then he's been walking around
Sniffing his sound
Always by foot,
Always on the ground

And to think his tale was over
When they came to make him sober
Sitting by the side of his own town
He bought this to be his crown
Now it looks as though her kind of love on paper
From a distance, makes him feel safer

And when he came to terms with the sky
He knew he should not have ever looked so high
And for the first time in his life, he wanted to cry
And to think all she wanted was to say goodbye

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 21, 2009

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