Lonely Petals: A Tribute To Forgotten Flowers Poem by Ayomiposi Alajogun

Lonely Petals: A Tribute To Forgotten Flowers

Rating: 4.5

Once a garden of beauty, now wilted and torn,
Lies the petals of love that once brightly adorned.
The fragrance is gone, the colors have faded,
A reminder of life that has tragically degraded.

Flowers on the floor, once a symbol of life,
Now lying in sorrow, devoid of its strife.
A symbol of love, now lost in the wind,
A memory of happiness, now hard to rekindle and mend.

The tears that we cried, have watered these blooms,
The memories we shared, forever consumed.
In the stillness of time, we remember the past,
The love that we had, forever will last.

Though the flowers may die, the memories remain,
The love that we shared, will forever sustain.
So we'll keep these petals close to our hearts,
For they hold the love that will always restart.

So let us kneel down and pick up the flowers,
And carry their beauty, through life's toughest hours.
For they will remind us, of love that has passed,
And they will be with us, until our time has amassed.


Congratulations, Poet Ayomiposi. Today this poem is The Poem of The Day- Members. Congratulations again

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Rob Lamberton 19 March 2023

A poem deserving of POD. Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

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Pallavi Tripathi 19 March 2023

Reminds me of Le Petit prince quote, It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.

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Nabakishore Dash 19 March 2023

Astounding piece of poem.Congrats dear poetess.

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3) By repeated use of words memory/ies, remember, reminder, rekindle etc. the poet has created a magical enigmatic atmosphere that is poignant definitely, but lightly haunting too. Top rated poem, in my wisdom. POD is small wonder. Write more and share your poems. We are eager for more.

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This poem is a metaphorical excellence. The withered petals take the place of lost love, passion that is drained of emotions, a life that is emptied of its colours. And memories galore

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