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Sharing a story, wearing
Invisible cloak, erasing
The name of narrator
Who's a complex orator

I stared at phone for umpteenth time
Just to see if you've seen my messages. Wind chime
Remind me of your presence
Of our time together, now your absence,

I woke from a nightmare
Just to experience
The horrors of reality

Music hit my eardrums
My soul escapes body
In search of the melodious voice

I am finding lost objects in my dream
The comb I lost last week
My cello pinpoint I couldn't find since 7th grade
A copy of Metamorphosis by Kafka that I lost

The clock of my heart is stuck
At the time my mind resonated
With Titanic's King of the world
Moment, it came true in real life

If it can be written, or thought
it can be filmed
Big brother is on the record
Are you planning to get caught?

Wars can be contained
In a square box named tv
So can a journey to space

Going out, making deal with devil
Devil is a cat-calling 7 year old Knievel
I make a haste purchase at crossroads
He broadcasts it on his radio

I look at others
Disappointed, I look at me
To be more disappointed!

Home is a place I want to run away from
I've always been at home, rarely out
It's like a shell for me and I a tortoise
Baggaged to live with it, will die without it

I would like
to be paid
in kindness

It started
with abc
now he's a rap god

Who am i?

What is the meaning of life?


Poetry is this
Poetry is that
It can be moulded
To both this and that

Maybe I'm not listening right
Maybe you're not saying right
Maybe we aren't fighting at all
Maybe we should try

Taking first step is significant
Taking last step is significant
The steps in between is maddening
You never know how long

Life doesn't comes with a manual
There are no easy or right answers
To the awkwardness you face
When someone cracks a joke

Full stop becomes the pale blue dot
we are born out of and we'll be buried in
the sentences and paragraphs we write
in between becomes the story of our lives


I'm filled with multitude of emotions
As soon as I look at you
I want to say so much,
Know so much about you

The Best Poem Of Pallavi Tripathi

A Feeble Escape.

Sharing a story, wearing
Invisible cloak, erasing
The name of narrator
Who's a complex orator
To wander of distant land, escaping!

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