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You left me
My world ended
Then and there

I stared at phone for umpteenth time
Just to see if you've seen my messages. Wind chime
Remind me of your presence
Of our time together, now your absence,

I woke from a nightmare
Just to experience
The horrors of reality

Sharing a story, wearing
Invisible cloak, erasing
The name of narrator
Who's a complex orator


After adoring the picture
I wonder
Where does nature gets it's paint from?

From collective consciousness,
Hive mind to the existence
Of ChatGPT, I've lost my place
In the world, it's tough to have

There was a time
When I thought
The jitters I felt
With your voice,

I am finding lost objects in my dream
The comb I lost last week
My cello pinpoint I couldn't find since 7th grade
A copy of Metamorphosis by Kafka that I lost

Music hit my eardrums
My soul escapes body
In search of the melodious voice

In dingy fog of life
Trying to carry a
Lantern to make
Sense of things.

There's price tag
On everything
Your sincerity
Your hopes


Night wanted
To stay
Sun at dawn defenstrated.

We're taking ourselves to be above God
Making the same mistake brother, now nod
Lucifer made and look what a mess
We've created of nature with great success


In the world of
He said; she said
We loose: Peace.

If it can be written, or thought
it can be filmed
Big brother is on the record
Are you planning to get caught?

The clock of my heart is stuck
At the time my mind resonated
With Titanic's King of the world
Moment, it came true in real life

Wars can be contained
In a square box named tv
So can a journey to space

I look at others
Disappointed, I look at me
To be more disappointed!

Searching for answers
He went to gods
He found silence

Going out, making deal with devil
Devil is a cat-calling 7 year old Knievel
I make a haste purchase at crossroads
He broadcasts it on his radio

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My Story

You left me
My world ended
Then and there

No hunger to eat
No thirst to drink
I was a barren land

Blown to pieces was I
Couldn't collect em all
They were playing hide and seek

Then a hand came
Saying I'm here for you
And it has been there since birth

It was my hand only
The part of me
That could lift me up

But I wasn't ready
I pushed the hand
Away at first

It was adamant
Said it could see spark
In my eyes still

I looked in the mirror
The spark was right there
I grabbed myself up

I was broken, tattered to pieces
I needed medication
Sought help from doctors

Couldn't tell her
The whole story
Just the symptoms
Not the avalanche
And earthquakes underneath

She gave the medication
I gave myself the pep talk
Looking into the mirror

Now I can stand
Straight, without the
Baggage of you

You have found a life
Without me and
I without you

What looked like
The end of the world
Was just the beginning

A beginning of me
To find a place
For myself in the world

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Capt. Manas Kumar Das 21 May 2023

nice one

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