Look Towards The Sun Poem by ally jones

Look Towards The Sun

Rating: 5.0


The reality melts away,
like rotting metal turned to rust.
It cracks and then it falls,
a process sure to trust.


Life fades fast,
from her tiny, little hands,
followed by a nasty hatred,
that drowns every man.

She was so little,
so cute and naive.
She had no idea,
that she would soon be decieved.

Ilusions of the past,
shadowed all of her dreams,
and she was crying hard because,
nothing was what it seemed.

She dreamed a dream,
a wish come true.
But once recieved,
brought regrets never knew.

It did her in the end,
she was just too selfish.
The task just wasnt something,
that she could hope to accomplish.



Dont take it back,
dont regret what youve done.
Learn from your guilt,
and look towards the sun.

Cecelia Warner 29 April 2007

Awesome talent buddy! Loved how well everything blended together...BEAUTIFUL job Ally! Your friend, Cecelia

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 20 April 2007

I like your thought process in this poem! Once again a very well written and interesting piece...also it was kool how you named each verse. Great Moral and advise to follow. Keep sharing from your heart.You have talent. =Shelley=

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