Never Give It Up Poem by ally jones

Never Give It Up

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All the nervous and anxiety,
with just one puff it fades away.
I feel so good and so relaxed,
I wish the feeling would forever stay.

It burns the lungs and throat,
but I dont care, no not one bit.
All the regrets and fear fades fast,
just light it up and take a hit.

The pretty blue fumes,
swirl and represent toxic.
Why im still doing this,
is beyond all my logic.

It tastes so bad,
yet feels so good.
And it makes me cough,
just like it should.

I guess I should be worried,
that it would make me sick.
But I dont care, no not at all.
Its not enough, to make me quit.

When im feeling low,
so sad and so depressed,
i'll just have a smoke,
and you want see that I am stressed.

It's a bad habit,
.... I guess, ..
It's an addiction,
that I cant supress.

I'll never give it up.

It feels so right.

Cecelia Warner 27 April 2007

My dear friend Ally, That was a very well written poem. My only concern is, of course, for your health. I know we really don't know eachother except through our poetry and You probably Don't want to hear it. Please just know that I truly do care. Please take care and try to quit smoking. If you need a trustworthy friend (like I said before, I'm here.) Your friend, Cecelia P.S. Of course you know, you are very good at writing and poetry is a very good outlet. (hint) ;)

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