Time Poem by ally jones


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Is there still time?

To put you straight?
To uncover secrets,
and expose your fate?

New-born babies,
do not know of time.
Filled with hords of innocence,
unknowing of crime.

Little girls,
and little boys,
they forget the time,
and play with their toys.

Those bad teens,
have lost the time.
They care for nothing,
and walk the line.

For growing adults,
time is a stress.
It ruins their lives,
and brings disastor and mess.

The wise old folks,
who time has caught,
makes then riggity and small,
from battles forever fought.

Is there still time?
Time to live your life or waste it away?
Is there time to speak to others?
Or to hear what they must say?

Is there still itme?

Cecelia Warner 29 April 2007

You are wise beyond your years! YES, by all means there's still plenty of time. Maybe some time has benn squandered by just about everyone but... YES! ! ! ! Don't ever give up or you will be defeated (and you do NOT sound like one to give up that easily. Am I right? I will bet I am. BTW, I only bet on a sure thing (don't like to lose.)

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 20 April 2007

Great poem Ally! I like that you put much thought into it and made me think as well...thats a Good thing! Well written and just an interesting piece of work.Many true thoughts were weaved through this poem from beginning to end... Thank you for sharing Ally. ==shelley==

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ally jones

ally jones

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