Jessica mullen

Loosing Loved Ones - Poem by Jessica mullen

Loosing someone isn't always easy nor the best time for a family get

together. They're telling us we need to be a family and act like it. cuz

we all only live once and the people we have we should cherish them.

While they can't no more.It's or job to go and move on it maybe hard

or we may struggle but as long as we got family by our side as my

aunty carebear would say. We can make it through anything and

everything. Well so far that saying has been true for me.Yeah we all...

need money, jobs, cars and jewlery but I think the biggest thing for me

right now is my family, u all mean the most too me. Knowing ur all

here and breatheing letting me know that u care is really all I can ask

for at this point in time! Missing grandma made me realize how

strong and how together we all have gotten because of it. Yeah like I

said a wrong time or place but it's happening. Life is running it's

course and yeah we all should learn a lesson from this. It's what

grandma wants us to do. Is sit back and learn and do great. She cares

about each one of us the same, the only difference is that all of her

children, she's proud of them as u can tell, all she wants for them is

love and happiness. By the looks each one of them got it going good! ! !

We all got it going good as long as we got a beautiful cloud following

us. From up above we sure in the heck know who that is. She is the

life, The love, the one who has the sun shinning so bright. She's also the

one who is the brightest cloud u can see from up there. Smiling tell us

all that she loves us all dearly. And that shell see us one day! ! Also to

Celebrate her wonderful, glorous, adventour life. Cuz she is and she is

doing fine. Well truly miss to grandma

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 23, 2010

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