Mother And I Wept Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Mother And I Wept

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Here is the incidence, very true of its kind and, has taken place in my life. In one place mother wept for me and in the second place I wept.Both has no bearing on each other but since it was between mother and son, I thought of it putting it to a general public for view.

I joined Indian Air Force much to the dislike of whole family. My brother was living just 120 km. away from my native place and I was just informed to report to the recruiting office for medical check up and tests. When I reached office, and much to my dismay, it was very brief and we were given clearance and instructed to report to the training centre at Bangalore.

After completion of training at Bangalore, I got posting at capital city of India, New Delhi. After brief stay at Delhi, I was given first leave to visit home town. Mother was so happy to see me alive as if I was never coming back alive to the village. But as days drew nearer and I was to go back to my unit, mother became restless and all the times she used to shed tears in the corner. One I was sleeping in the after noon and suddenly I felt that some wet thing was falling on my forehead. I got up to see that mother was whipping, and when asked, she replied that how I will be doing in the defense set up since no body had gone from our family so far. I too became emotional but still regained the composure and counseled mother. Such was deep love from mother to a son.

Mother died while I was in service. I couldn't remain present at the funeral ceremony because it almost took 24 hours to reach home and it was custom that dead body was not to be kept beyond certain hours. She was cremated but had unfulfilled desire in her mind. So in the night, she appeared in the dream and asked promise from me not to do at least one thing in whole life. I asked 'why, mom, you want such promise' from me. She replied that as such I was not smoking in my life, so you take vow not to smoke throughout life. Even at the end of the days also, mother remembered that I was non-smoker. I wept continuously and there was no body to wipe my tears.

Both the incidences have no bearing on each other but certain things you realize when person is no more with you. It is pure love and affection that bonds you to gather and you never miss those moments when get time and memory cross your mind.

In today's time, such warmth and feeling has disappeared altogether. We live in the changed scenario but in my belief still there may be similar cases taking place but not coming to the light.

"Mom, I love you" can only be my tributary words

Mother And I Wept
Kunwar Patel 15 August 2009

mixed feeling for eachother....10

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Radha Seth 14 August 2009

happy n sad moments both....10

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Saroj Davde 14 August 2009

very very delicate moments....10

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Kamli Kamal 13 August 2009

it was so natural for me....10

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Santoksingh Jadeja 11 August 2009

it is obvious when u meet firt time....10

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Rinki Nandy 19 January 2010

your love for your mother is so well expressed, i love my mother more than life and hope she lives forever. i know she would leave me someday, the love and affection would be gone one day but i would love her as long as i can, as much as possible i would let her know how important and valuable she is to me and what joy i feel to have her as my mother. i don't agree with 'today’s time, such warmth and feeling has disappeared altogether' coz the same warmth and love continues to live in the hearts of millions of mothers worldwide if for noone but their kids. mothers always love us and we can never love them as much as they do. the lovely ladies beat us without a chance for us to win. i salute a mother's love, God resides in a mother's love. GREAT N LOVELY.10++++

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Sulochna Pandit 15 September 2009

In today’s time, such warmth and feeling has disappeared altogether.

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Whisperkwane Lamb 15 September 2009

bitter/sweet you both wept...causing reason for nap...sleep with an open eye...bitter/sweet is is a eye opener...keep watch...good write

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Shilpa Maheswari 15 September 2009

Mom, I love you” can only be my tributary words

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Jigisha Vyas 19 August 2009

it is so natural....10

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