2. Oh God Why Me? Poem by Abha Sharma

2. Oh God Why Me?

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A bomb blasted in the train
Many people lost their life
A little boy orphaned
Cried: Why only my parents….?

Tsunami flooded the shore
Many coast submerged
The beachside family reported missing
Kinfolk grieved: Why only my family….?

Earthquake battered the town
Complete population grounded
The victims unheard petition
Resounded: Why only our zone….?

A blind baby delivered
Of beautiful parents
The mother could not stop her tears
Lamented: Why only my child….?

The entry ticket to this world
Is marked with obnoxious barb
Adversity nurses the virtue of man
But why in such appalling garb?

Vijay Gupta 23 May 2008

reality of the world shown in yr poem.it is a piece of good literature.

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Egi David Perdana 21 May 2008

why? ? , this life pal, GOD also know all

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Usha Pisharody 18 May 2008

Why o Why indeed.... One is left wondering! But with the indomitable faith in humankind and the powers that be, some measure of solace can be had, in trying to understand and accept. That is what our scriptures tell us too, isn't it? But then again, having gone through tragedy, it takes a long while for the faith to restore, and any kind of rational thinking to prevail... A beautifully expressed, universal theme, Abha! I loved the closing stanza, immensely!

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Karan Baadkar 06 May 2008

This poem is so true and not the other side of truth but truth itself. I would add something here if you dont mind, A top olympic gold medallist during a blood transfusion acquired AIDS.. and on his death bed a friend saw him smiling and asked.. O God it could have been anybody else.. You...y only you. The athlete calmy said back: There were lacs of contenders for the olympics who could not make it and God choose me in those lacs to win d olympic gold..and I rejoiced and had the share of my happiness and almost forgot God. Today when God has offered me the chance to save a life by giving mine..... why should I not? If not me any one from a child to a older person would have died of this disease.. i am lucky God has choosen me.. Tragedies and pain are our own creation and nature has to balance the act to save mankind....% Lovely poetry thought you have shared.......

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William Jackson 04 May 2008

Great poem! Your poem addresses a theme that is universal. The purpose of suffering is indeed a troubling philosophical question. Why do some people suffer while others do not? Why must there be any suffering at all? And yet, the sweet would not seem as sweet without something bitter to compare it too. Also, perhaps the suffering of others is meant to make the the rest of us compassionate and caring, the hands of God in the world.

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Andrew Blakemore 23 October 2019

A harrowing poem, well written

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 14 June 2009

A good question has been raised in this poem that has bifurcated its essence in contexts of complaint to the God and the harsh realities of life mostly considered as a catastrophe.. What we face is the result of what we do..so still in each situation, keeping your pragmatism alive is the best option mankind has.........

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Ashraful Musaddeq 07 September 2008

It is a nice composition of emotion towards God.

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Cyclopseven R 01 July 2008

Oh God, Why Me? Its a question for series of unending answers. Only eternity behold the mystery of this question. Good one buddy. I like this very very much.

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Pushkar Bisht 06 June 2008

Nobody knows why wrong things happen to us. I believe there is a reason behind every creation that's why it happens but I specially pray to God for my people who are fighting for thier lives everyday. May God give them strength to bear! Amen

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