Lost Angel Poem by Saeed Jan

Lost Angel

An angel sent to earth,
with charms heavenly,
Fed on honey and milk,
All the thoughts divine,
The language spoken,
Not known to man,
Fair complexion with,
Heart pure and benign,
Changed from divinity,
Leaving, course define,
But, change has its mark,
Turning it satan stark,
Every move but was,
A sin, hatred and envy,
Ill to each and every,
Immersed in sins it went,
Not knowing what to bent,
World thrust him brought,
Utter deformity of thought,
Needs a divine light,
With charisma or charm,
Can Cure the cursed and alarm,
Purpose to live and die in calm!

Xelam Kan™ 11 November 2012

jan is that angel n your poem is literal or an allusion (man) as batool described? if so then it wasnt earth where she or he turned to fallen one?

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Shahzia Batool 10 November 2012

i have read the poem as well as the comments on it, and as i see its theme is about Man as the crown of creation who was created on the image of an angel but he became a fallen angel who yielded his purity to the hands of the devil.the poem traces out this process... regards

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Xelam Kan™ 10 November 2012

themetically superby, but dint get y & how an angel turnd nto a satan stark? the 3rd linefed on honey n milk seems purposless(may be i m wrong) most importnt thing is its conclusion, a bit wayward to me (you better know tht most poems hav a well kintted plot that resolve the climax)   again you asked for a divine light but in the middle verses u already stated that the angle(a divine spirit or light) changed so is there any need to repeat tht.process? ? ?   Jan dear need some hints from your side, may be our humble wit couldnt get the message properly. few lines are well rhymed but couple of end note r quite unsound again i say the theme is vry powerfull and has to be work out in future tnx fa sharing

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